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For over 15 years, Lumber Buddy™ has been helping Building Materials Distribution Centers and Pro Dealer Lumber Yards work safer and work smarter. Our Lumber Buddy™ portable workstations are hard at work in 48 of the 50 states and all the Canadian Provinces.

Working Safer and Working Smarter has been our focus since we began. It continues to be the driving force in our company. To that end, we are expanding our vision to a broader mission of offering not only Lumber Buddy™ products but also promoting the use of other safety and productivity equipment and services. Starting September 1, 2015, Lumber Buddy™ productivity products will be offered by, LLC. This new company will be focusing not only on providing equipment but also on training and optimization consulting services. will be promoting LEAN optimization to our industry. With increasing pricing pressure, we feel LEAN is an excellent way to maintain margins, by decreasing costs through the elimination of waste. Doing more with less is what LEAN is all about. As part of our LEAN optimization effort, we have re-engineered the Lumber Buddy™ portable workstation. Through that effort, we were able to reduce the footprint of the unit from 6'x8' to a 4'x8'. The new unit size makes it even more mobile and easier to use in tight locations. We kept the same 10,000 lb load limit and were able to add or improve many features.

We were able to decrease the weight of our adjustable Banding Channels by 50% while designing them to accept all common sizes of dunnage (2x4, 3x3, even 1-1/2" grooved dunnage). It will also work with most types of strapping up-to 1-1/2" wide.

Another improvement was making drop-in uprights standard on all units. The new Lumber Buddy™ has a modular design for adaptability and reduced shipping costs. The new unit features bolt on replaceable legs for both longevity and flexibility.

The final feature makes it the most flexible Lumber Buddy™ unit ever! Our new 7.5' Lumber Buddy™ mobile platform can be equipped with extendable wings, that extends the stacking platform to a 10', 12', or even 14' for use with composite products that are hard to handle because of deflection.

We are excited to be able to serve our customers even better with expanded products and services in the years to come. If you would like to learn more about how can help your company to grow profits through increased Safety, Efficiency, and Engagement.

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