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Our Partners

Over a decade ago, our largest customer outlawed the use of Steel Banding in their operations, because of safety issues. At that time, we started evaluating different types of strapping to determine what strapping product was the best alternative in terms of Safety, Efficiency, and Cost. 

After evaluating woven, composite, and PET strapping, we felt that woven polyester strapping was the best alternative base for the safety, efficiency, and cost criteria. 

One drawback we uncovered was that there are a number of manufacturers and resellers of woven polyester strapping and unlike steel, have no set production standards. Feed-ability, break strength, stretch factor, coil sizes and footage per coil varied from company to company. 

That said, we have partnered with two manufacturers that have committed to standards and characteristics that are optimized for use with lumber and composite products. 

BOSS Strapping in the Midwest and West Coast

and Patriot Strapping for the East Coast. 

Both companies are committed to providing quality strapping, and accessories geared for use in the lumber industry. 

Contact us for pricing and information on these safe and cost-effective products.