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It is said, “People change either out of aspiration or desperation.” Regardless of your motivation, if you need help making a change in your operation from personnel to yard optimization, we stand ready to help. After visiting over 1800 Lumber Yards across North America and seeing the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of Safety and Efficiency, we have developed a passion to become an agent for positive change in our industry. Formulating and implementing a plan for change is often challenging. Finding an outside Change Agent can be that answer to that challenge.

We work with customers to define the changes needed in their operation and develop a plan for achievement. Training is a key component in making sure that the change delivers the desired results. We train your team members in Simple LEAN Principles that prepare them to better understand and embrace the needed changes. This training also gives team members the tools they need to continue to improve operations through LEAN thinking and methodology. During our on-site training, we will conduct an Efficiency and Safety evaluation to help ensure that we are taking full advantage of current equipment and personnel. LEAN is about eliminating waste! Wasted Time, Wasted Money and Wasted Resources. These can all be reclaimed and repurposed, which will result in greater profits and much safer and more productive workplaces for your employees and customers.

We are on a Mission to help the BEST in our industry be even BETTER. Contact Jeff Tweten at JeffT@WorkSafeWorkSmart.com for an initial free consultation.